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Small Business Specialist

Since Anstech is a small business, it is well positioned to understand the needs of other small businesses. We bring this awareness, together with technical experience and expertise to aid our clients to leverage the power of Information Technologies.

Small businesses compete in the same arena as larger ones and they need the same tools.  Large companies can afford internal IT departments to evaluate, implement and support new services.  They must also maintain the reliability, security and performance of existing services. By utilizing the power of today's interconnected networks, Anstech can help our clients achieve the same goals at a small-business scale.

Anstech is based out of Richmond Hill, in Southern Ontario and evolved out of an engineering control systems and technical computing background. This has given us a focus on reliability, security and cost control. Our computer experience is extensive, but today's environment is all about staying current.

Operating as a small business, we have a similar perspective to many of our small business clients - we face the same issues, use the same tools, under similar constraints. By helping them to use technology effectively, we aim to improve their bottom line by reducing costs and increasing productivity.We believe that helping our clients succeed helps us to succeed.

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